FUNJOYA Festival

What is the Funjoya Festival? For more than a decade of activity and collaborations with leading student associations and educational institutions in Israel, the Funjoya Festival is the largest student festival in Israel today. You can call it the Israeli Spring Break, but we call it a once in a lifetime experience. Some experiences cannot be expressed in words, but we will try, although if you ask any student how it is to stand in front of the central stage in one of our festivals, they will probably tell you that you just have be there ... Every festival is in fact a weekend in the city of Eilat (Israel), Thursday to Saturday, which includes daily pool parties in several hotels (simultaneously) and huge beach parties in the evenings, on the Funjoya Beach. If you have ever heard the phrase "You'll understand when you're older" or "Education is important", than this is exactly why. Who takes part in this vacation? Our productions are designed for students who study for their undergraduate or master’s degree, in educational institutions recognized by the The Higher Education Council ("MALAG") and that work in cooperation with the production company. Our Goal: We have set ourselves a goal of providing the Israeli student community with the best and most enjoyable experiences, at an international level, and at a price that allows all students to take part in the amazing experience known as the Funjoya Festival. We believe in doing everything in our power (and even a little bit more) to give each of our participants an unforgettable experience, that will accompany them for life. Our goal is to turn each of the tens of thousands of participants in our festivals into "an ambassador", and every time you will hear the word "Funjoya" it will bring a smile to your face, and remind you of an unforgettable moment from the festival.